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CURA® garments translates into products togetherness, for men and women, with similar fabrics and textures, lines and structures. However, they are not “unisex” indistinguishable sizes. Our designs, altought close related, are studied and tailored to each gender characteristics (female and male) e.g., to the ergonomic, functional, and specific distinguished volumetric language.

Our Men and Women Size Charts comes in every product page. In each charts you can see which size corresponds with your body contour measurements. You also can see some measurements for each one of our products, such as total lenghts.

We ask your attention to the selection of your size in the corresponding chart.

Please make sure you choose at women size guide, or at men size guide, and that you have selected “w” for women; or “m” for man.

For example, if you are a men and your measurements corresponds to our Size “M40 m”  at the men size chart, then you must  choose M40 m at the Size area. Same process goes to women “w”.

Our metric system is in centimeters. Please use this measurement system for our garment sizes. It is totally advisable to use a tape measurement in centimeters.

Below are some basic instructions for the three fundamental measurements you need to know for select your CURA size.


Position the tape measure well horizontally under your armpits and over the strongest part of the chest.

If you usually wear bra please follow the same chest measurements instructions, but with your bra on.


Measure your waist circumference in the smalest part that you can find, at the height of your natural waist (do not squeeze the tape) and measure between the highest point of your hipbone and the lowest ribcage.


Put the tape measure around your hips and measure the circumference at the widest part of your seat (it should be about 20 cm below your natural waistline).

  • if you have a specific requirement about measurement – for example if you are taller, or petite – please tell us your measurements in ORDER NOTES when making your order, and we can well adapt our designs to you.
:: EU Free shipping to all orders ::