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Our textile labels are beautifully woven from a soft recycled polyester yarn, containing the essential instructions about good maintenance and care. For so we would like to please ask you do not remove labels from your garments and also by another specific reason. Did you know the composition label is still the best way for textile industry to verify if materials are suitable for recycling? It is indeed, so please, do not remove interior tags from your clothes. Some are uncomfortable and itchy but instead use your nails, that’s why they grow on your fingers, Ah! We made everything for this would not be the case with CURA labels and tags so please read and maintain them stitched to garments.

CURA® garments focus on premium Hemp and blends with other organic and eco-friendly certified fabrics, made from other natural beautiful and resistant materials. Natural fabrics doesn’t get so dirty, they dry faster and are more resistant, altought, they need some care. We recommend that you follow instructions, below :

Do not bleach, and when washing please avoid conventional detergents because in general they contain microplastics and toxic substances that endangerous aquatic systems and can produce some damages to our health. Instead, choose pH neutral soaps, eco-friendly detergents aswell concentrated ones as they are better in any case. Choosing a detergent with an European EU Ecolabel Certification, is always a good way to respect the environment and protect overall wellness of our body, and our clothes.  An example is ECOX that produces effective and responsible cleaning products that, if you haven’t tried yet, it’s time to take this important step. Their Laundry Detergents transforms used cooking oil into ecological detergents, oh yes! All products comply with rigorous quality and safety tests, being cruelty free, and designed for maximum confort, cleaning and hygiene.

When some dirt produces a more evident stain, try to wash it as soon as possible, without rubbing the area that has been soiled. Instead, apply a little mild detergent to the stain and let the garment soak in warm water, resting for a while. Then, move the piece gently, to help the particles to be removed from the fabric structure.

It is true that dry cleaning is an efficient process to remove dirty stains from clothing. But we ask you to avoid it, because generally, most companies still uses tetrachlorethylene, a toxic chemical dangerous for the environment and our health. As such, we not even tested dry clean on our garments! However, if you ever have to choose dry cleaning, ask for companies that use innocuos processes for the environment and for health ans for example liquid carbon dioxide.

Last but not least, if you want to have an absolut proactive ecological awareness when washing your garments especially those containing polyester and other non-biodegradable synthetics, we recommend the use of microplastic collector bags that prevent water and ocean pollution, such as the amazing SKIZO Bags. With an high efficiency (about 98%) of particle retention, SKIZO Bags are produced from plastic waste collected in the ocean!, each SKIZO Laundry Bag is equivalent to 10 Plastic Bottles and 1Kg of discarded fishing nets, an amazing win-win and pionner solution. 

For hand wash and machine wash, we ask you to follow this basic instrutions:


Use lukewarm water up to 30 degrees and soak in mild detergents, especially the blends between Silk.
The ecological detergents on the market are the ideal partners to guarantee the quality and longevity of your CURA ® garments.


Use normal washing programs up to 30 degrees for pure Hemp or blended with Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester and Lyocell. With Silk we recommend you the use of Delicate Programs. Do not Tumble Dry. Our fabrics have been preshrunk so it is unlikely for your garments to shrink, but artificial drying processes can always result in losing some fabric and fit quality, so we ask you to avoid it. Air dry or line dry are the best options to well maintain any of your clothes.

We thank you for following these care instructions. They should keep your items in great shape for usability in awasome style, at same time contributing for our “major home” well-being.
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