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NATURE IS OUR VALUE  – NOV –  is a special project with the aim of preserving and highlighting the skills and knowledge of Indian Hemp culture. NOV is our commitment to protect ecosystems aswell local communities who for centuries have known how to cultivate and preserve Hemp in its highest form.
Join us building momentum for Indian Hemp culture, in harmony with nature while building the most beautiful Hemp fabrics!
Having a long history with the cannabis plant Indian northern regions in the Hight Himalayas preserves the most perfectly maintained forests in the world and the mountains ecosystem creates the perfect conditions for growing cannabis. Join us building momentum for Indian Hemp culture!

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According to Himalayan ethnobotanist G.K. Sharma, cannabis was first referred to in the Vedas as early as 4,000–5,000 BC. In the High Himalayas, local communities have long depended on Hemp – flowers, leaves, stems and seeds – for food and clothing. But in 1985 Hemp was outlawed, and many rural communities were forced to rethink their relationship with a plant that once provided their sustenance. Recently in 2018, as a global awareness of the environmental benefits of Hemp, Indian government legalized hemp cultivation at some regions.

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Bringing back the mountain hemp economy could help solve the problem of mass migration from mountain villages, of both Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, creating local opportunities and funding the population.
Take part on building momentum for Indian Hemp culture.






Uttarakhand * The Land of Gods

A place of myths and mountains, Uttarakhand is often referred to as Dev Bhoomi – The Land of Gods. In Uttarakhand since the dawn of human civilisation, hemp has been in use as food, medicine, customs, and household use. Centuries before the ban on hemp products, it had been profusely used in producing hemp milk, oil cheese substitutes, and protein powder out of hemp seeds. It had a mild Nutty flavour, making it one of the majorly loved food items. Other than just using it for customary occasions, people in Uttarakhand use it in their cooking too.

In July 2018 Uttarakhand was declared by the government being the first state in India to legalize hemp farming. Presently, the Uttarakhand government has taken initiatives to reframe its policies regarding hemp production and its industrial use. According to these governmental policies, hemp is now being used for making medicines, producing textiles, food items, paper, and building materials.

To defend and protect communities that always lived in harmony with Nature.


Teaming up with Indian Hemp suppliers linked to Regenerative Farming and UN Sustainable Development Goals



CURA® is teaming up with an indian studio dedicated towards Sustainable Fashion and playing its part in popularising the revolutionary potential of Hemp fabrics.

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