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Humans are completely dependent on healthy and vibrant ecosystems for well-being, and over consumption and the tonnes of clothes that are discarded per year are problems in the fashion industry which are not acceptable, nor they represent the true essence of Fashion. Wearing clothes 50 times instead of 5 reduces carbon emissions by 400%. per item, per year. This is a serious commitment and an incredible important one to the sake of our lives and planet.

CURA does not want to contribute to waste and planned obsolescence. We need new economic models for Fashion which are based on reducing the material used and irresponsible economic growth. That is why we have set a group of programs for a better overall eco-fitness – LET’S GET CIRCULAR * –  within principles of Circular Fashion.

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* “keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice”

In the use of resources and waste management, Circular Fashion presents itself as a system to promote an economy of reduction and optimization, planned in natural or artificial closed circuits; a strategy aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. For consistent implementation in a transparent, democratic and inclusive manner, deep regulatory measures, practices and policies, are still needed.

With our principles and set of programs  – some still in progress – we are committed to help changing the industry and consumers’ behaviours, showing the strengths of sustainable fashion as a fundamental player for circular development goals.
Global community is called to re-examine its relationship to the natural world. To build a future within Nature, so being able to mitigate unsustainable behaviours and economies.
Let´s do our part, let’s get circular.
* “keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice”.




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