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CURA FASHION DESIGN STUDIO ® is a Lisbon based independent fashion design & research studio, with apparel for women and men who believes that conscious prodution and consumption comes with a sense of unity between people and planet well-being, and that responsibility and awareness is a must in every actions of our daily lifes. It is why our raw material is Hemp, a magnificent biodegradable fabric which replenish soils, needs no pesticides or herbicides, saves water, and can be fully used, from seed to flower for benefitial purposes, produced in the most safety and controled way.

Natural ecosystems defense is paramount, but not only. CURA® product design translates a “togetherness” socio-ecological intention aswell based in history, which tells us clothing has much to do as a form of dialogue and community celebration.  CURA ® produces locally in the heart of Lisbon with a dedicated team of the best clothing manufacturers delivering quality, style and cultural heritage. CURA® is for open-minded confidant people, who knows Fashion is about Communication, Emotion, History, Culture and Relations. Men and Women, that through their aesthetic and garment choices knows how to help advocate for ecology, solidarity, greater social justice and inclusion. CURA ® proposes similar products for man and woman but seeing difference as the essence of life, our designs are tailored to our brand vision integrity however, adapted to the ergonomics, functional, and volumetrics of each gender, by their right, without restrictions, believing that clothing belongs to people (not to markets), as it always should have been.

We invite you to this movement about defending the ecology of minds and actions, taking part of this togetherness ethics, becoming form.

Welcome to our world, for a better future.

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:: EU Free shipping to all orders ::