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As a way of honoring the commitment to Hemp and Hemp Blended Fabrics durability and longevity, we are happy to make repairs for CURA ® garments with two basic purposes:

1st. avoiding waste, and mitigating the idea of garments and Fashion as something of quick disposable:
2nd. contributing for a happy long-term relationship with your garments. We believe that clothing with long-lasting use adds value, emotion and meaning, to our lives.

Within our collaborators we can provide mending and repair services: from Patchwork to Embroidery, aswell other adornment and embellishment techniques as Natutal Dyeing and Eco-printing made with 100% organic plant based pigments, i.e., always using ecofriendly and sustainable processes.

Please contact mendingandrepair@curafashiondesignstudio.pt and tell us all. We will advise you on possible treatments for your garment to last as long as you want it.

:: EU Free shipping to all orders ::