Our Story

Cura ® was founded by Elsa Lima, with years of experience as fashion and costume designer, as university fashion teacher, and since 2006 as  researcher in Fashion and Sustainability. At the same year Elsa became also a house gardener, planting, nurturing and learning about fruit-trees and plants, in her own backyard placed in a Lisbon neighborhood. Since 2017, an interest has been growing about Hemp for textiles and clothing, which came together with experiences, and reinforced the purpose and nature of her work, linked to Creativity and Sustainability.

During Elsa early years in fashion practice, as in teaching started in 2002, her focus has being placed on the quality of processes compliyng with an ecological and ethical position. From the way materials are processed to how the manufacture is carried out relied a particular concern – about how Design activities can contribute to safety structures and environments – expressed throught practice but also, throught curriculum teaching. In 2009 her researcher in Fashion and Sustainability took to a deeper perception about fashion systems ability for the Circular Economy purposes, and for better ways of learning and adapting knowledge, regarding new visions about well-being and Fashion Design.


Combining different experiences and interests, two years and two young daughters later in the early 2019, Elsa founded CURA ®, born from a desire to contribute with objects of study and products towards a regenerative Fashion, where Hemp fiber (find about) became central by its sustainable relevance. Hemp is a vegetable fiber which in comparison with others, and if properly used and regulated in textiles and cloth, can represent a great potential for Sustainable Development, so in these terms it is of paramount to be studied and developed.

Standing for Consciousness, Union, Responsability and Awareness (CURA acronym) and immersed in textiles, arts and culture, in portuguese, “Cura” also means treating, healing, repairing, caring for, curing … as “Cure”; which also has ressonated as an essence for the brand. Also, because throught times, Fashion has been related for conspicuous consumption and social distancy. And suddenly, in the late 2019, the word Cura / Cure has become the most sought after in a challenging momentum, when the mantra became “your health and safety is my health and safety”; a simple phrase but showing our deep fragilities, considering the need to strengthen bonds of safety environemnts, involving everyone equally, young and old. Finally (as fans of Numerology as we are) 2020 brought another milestone for six central concepts in development: Focus ; Relationships ; Pragmatism ; Team work ; Infinite Potential and again, Consciousness.

So, speaking about Conscious Production and Consumption which in terms of Fashion reflects around behaviors, with a great emphasis in processes, we would like to remember the great power we have as consumers, and before we jump into shopping (no matter how natural, organic, recycled, or vintage the choices are):

1st) nurture what already is inside the closet, give it a chance; 2nd) Play with outlooks, remake (re)create, (re)arrange, Do It Yourself or;  3rd) ask for help if needed ( sure we can help, click here  ).

And then if you/we really must, “band” dress, choosing wisely, so that our choices does not cost lives, nor the life of the planet.

Whatever our best intentions are, and althought we trie to make our part, sometimes we have that feeling as if we’r just putting a tinny dressing band in this crazy world. But since too bad, we can’t walk around naked … we can only try to make the best impact choices, and fight for them.

So, we welcome you in this mindset and in CURA®, to build a world, with a better future.