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Our Sustainability

CURA ® products are developed without following pre-established schedules, nor producing new items every season. We honor longevity as in some places and times, when fabrics and clothes passed from generation to generation through traditional upcycling and other social forms of sharing, for pragmatic and emotional reasons. In these terms, we see the concept of New as an “old paradigm”. We strive to create durable garments that can undergo aesthetic and functional transformations, taking full advantage of resources and processes. Also, we work by order, thus avoiding the creation of stock, producing according to demand.

Minimize Environmental Impact; Valuation of Crafts Skills; Maximize Aesthetics and Inclusivity

With skilled workmanship and overall eco and social certified premium materials, CURA ® costs are certainly higher than some of our competitors. However, we are an inclusive brand, which means we avoid the term “exclusive” as other brands in the past and present days, do not apply it, either. We work for an “access society” and therefore, without compromising on quality and ethics, we want to keep prices as much affordable as possible, and at our niche market based on craftmanship, we have decided to reduce traditional margins. In addition, we have implemented better affordable ways for you to enjoy our organic and premium certified fabrics and design. We believe that the greatest wealth that we can have, share, and primarily value are experience, knowledge, and the cultural and emotional capital of each one as individuals actors, belonging to a larger network of effects. We value taste and recognition about Fashion true essence and purpose.

Our principles of Minimum Environmental Impact, Valuation of Local Manufacturers and Maximization of Aesthetics and Inclusion lead us to the development of a business strategy that we consider adaptive, towards a movement of better conscious behaviors in relation to clothing. Challenging creativity and the ability to re-imagine other scenarios of make and user experience, we are developing our Fashion Production and Consumption System which we call –  LET’S GET CIRCULAR.  


our “MVM” principles


CURA ®  products usually uses of generous footage per-piece. We made this deliberatly, as a way to increase well certified sustainable demand for organic and recycled fabrics, aswell, enabling more upcycling options. In these terms, we nourish one element for its incredible strategic and aesthetic functions:

or Fold


From Greek antiquity until today, pleats earned various connotations. As a design element is one of the most flattering. Pleats can skim curves, are amazingly versatile and an iconic fashion element for many cultures, from East to West, in different times, ideologies and aesthetics.

Pleats considerations goes further, when the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925-95) associated “Pli” with a way of determining a certain path or process for the thought. With a specific intelectual place in Deleuzian thinking, the “Pli” or Fold has the potential to add layers/ amalgams/ overlaps/ clashes / debates. Recalling a myriad of implications in the making, unmaking, and even re-constructive ways of thinking, evolving in the field of ethics and the politics of the Self, within society. So, we cherish PLEATS, not just for its structural versatility, but as a cultural form of concertation, negotiation and acumulation, for an ethical and aestethical discourse.

About the usefullness of Pli/ Pleat or Fold, as the philosopher and teacher refers to it, we see a Design proposition:

“If there is recreation, it is enough.”

Elsa Lima

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