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If you no longer want your CURA® clothes remember you can always swap them with your family and friends, but you also can send it to us. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure our products have a circular life, and we would never want any of our garments to go to landfill, so we will make them back into the system.

We encourage you to be part of the circular movement, so we have created our Take Back Program with a simple 3-steps system:

1 | Email us and send us two photos (front and back) of  CURA ® style you ordered from us and want to deliver plus purchase proof;

2 | We confirm and send a postage paid label (no cost to you). You don’t need to wash or clean the garment, we deal with that process. You just need to walk at your local postmail and send your garment properly closed.

3 | When we receive it at our Studio we take approximately 5 working days to answer about the amount we consider fair and suitable (beween €110 and €220) depending the state, the purpose and the process we must take. We have to decide if the piece goes to our Pre-Loved area or to the Upcycling program to be transformed into another beauty. Then we will communicate to you, and will credit a CURA® Voucher or make you a bank transfer, you choose which you prefer.


Being part of LET’S GET CIRCULAR * is a simple exercise for a great overall Eco-fitness.

* “keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice”

To adhere our Take-Back program please contact us at letsgetcircular@curafashiondesignstudio.pt

Welcome to our world, for a better future.

:: EU Free shipping to all orders ::