SESHAT Line is a multiperspective Line. First honoring Archeological Dress and Museological Conservation activities, both contributing to an extensive knowledge of clothing and Hemp culture. Then we looked closely at garment choices made “in context”, e.g., by archeological pioneers and figures, responding to difficult aswell delicate working environments. Giving us design-clues, also revealing a free (altought accurate) sense of aesthetics linked to protection, comfort and functionality. So, within a spirit of field-research, SESHAT is grounded, detailed, and full of stories.

Between fashion and archeological practice we see other particular relationship. In an ethical approach among archaeologists, Archeology has been critically discussed as an activity of an “extractivist” character, generally seen in a colonialist perspective which doesn’t benefits the activity nor represent it per se, in present days. To this regard, issues related with tradition, social and cultural appropriation through clothes are still a central debate and analysis in the realms of fashion, that we recall and think important to consciously develop, considering a non-hegemonic approach, essential for a better understanding of fashion design activities.


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