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This is a space for sharing knowledge about Fashion and Clothing challenges regarding Sustainable Development Goals.

Issues about Fashion and Textile Industryits potential contribution, the threats they face and also represent to societies development within a frame of responsible human and environmental practices, are questions we adress in research for quite some time. At CURA ® FASHION DESIGN STUDIO  we have started applying principles and knowledges, initiating synergies between different professional agents in proximity and reciprocity with small scale structures but not only, which allows us to verify and assess theoretical issues at creative, active and participatory ways, in a broad sense.

Whether you are a customer, designer, fashion designer, fashion professional or general public, if you want to engage and better understand Sustainable Production – Eco Materials and Processes, Human Factors and Security etc.- and Consumption – Communities of Sharing, Second-Life or Upcycling to name a few –  as other realms of CURA® propositions and events, you can subscribe our Mailing List, which allows you to be updated when news are published here.

We welcome you aboard at our research community.

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Articles, Organizations, Research:


Cannabis and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – Report 2019

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular

A New Textiles Economy  

Global Fashion Agenda

Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Commitment

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Sustainable Development Goals UN – 2030

U.N. SDG’s Goal 12



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